I have never been a person who likes to talk about himself. I enjoy getting to know people. What interests do they have? What are they like? Where do they come from? Etc…

I am a guy with a few talents. I have both a creative mind as well as a mechanical one. I love puzzles and solving problems. I was always creative and knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I have been a designer for many years.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Southern California and then go to college in Boston. Living on the East Coast has given me such a greater appreciation for the sun! I live now in Arizona with a beautiful wife and 3 boys. Two of the boys are mine, and my wife’s youngest boy lives with us. Along with our boys, we also have 2 dogs and a mischievous cat named “Mr. Jones”

I am a total Star Wars Nerd and proud of it! A lot of my design inspiration comes from sci-fi. I aim for the stars and shoot from the moon! I have a weird fascination with the planet Mars and I really don’t know why. I do think it would be a hell of a place to live!

I enjoy cars both old muscle cars and new concept vehicles. The idea of a flying car intrigues me! Just like in the movies. I do watch a lot of movies since it’s our favorite pastime!

I am a kid at heart who more often than not, has his inner child out goofing around! I love video games and a good Texas Hold’em Match. You can find me sometimes at a pool table or a swimming pool with a beer!

I am that guy who you see at a party who enjoys being the center of attention and loves to make people laugh!

I am also that guy who looks out for others and protects the ones I care about. I was a bouncer for 25 years and found out that I enjoy watching people. I also enjoy talking to people and getting to know them, so it is your turn to tell me about yourself. What made you come to visit my little place on the web?

Don’t be shy, say hi!