Opening up about myself doesn’t come naturally to me, but I find immense fulfillment in connecting with people on a deeper level. Understanding their interests, personalities, and backgrounds truly captivates me.

Personally, I possess two defining talents: a creative mindset that constantly brims with ideas, and a natural inclination for mechanics. The thrill of solving puzzles and overcoming challenges is exhilarating, and creativity is not just a career but an integral part of who I am.

As a designer, I have cherished every moment of my journey, finding joy in bringing ideas to life and leaving a lasting impact through my work.

I possess a diverse range of talents, encompassing both creative thinking and mechanical aptitude. Solving puzzles and overcoming challenges excites me, and creativity is not just a job but a way of life. With many years of experience as a designer, I have found immense enjoyment in every moment of my career.

Originally from Southern California, I pursued my education at Boston University School of the Arts. However, my longing for sunny skies led me to settle in Arizona.

It’s widely known that I am an unapologetic Star Wars nerd, and this passion influences my design inspiration, particularly drawn from the realm of science fiction. I aim high, setting my sights on the stars, with a particular intrigue for the enigmatic planet Mars and its potential for habitation.

At heart, I’m a playful individual, embracing my inner child and finding joy in making others laugh. Whether it’s engaging in video games or a lively Texas Hold’em match, I fully immerse myself in the experience. You’ll often find me in my workshop, bringing cool creations to life or fulfilling the requests of my spouse.

Caring deeply for those around me, I take on the role of protector. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy connecting with people and learning about their stories. Now, it’s your turn to share what brought you to my little corner of the web. I’m excited to hear your story.

Don’t be shy, say hello!